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About the firm

We are a team of lawyers and legal professionals highly specialized in the different areas of law. We have a renowned experience in our mission of assisting clients in their businesses, by providing tailored and comprehensive legal and business advice. This includes from proposals of appropriate business models to develop clients’ specific projects and face any legal challenges as may arise at international, national, provincial or local level, to a close follow-up of such projects, as well as the prevention and resolution of disputes as may come up in connection therewith.

By combining our capacities and skills in complex negotiations, LIENDO & ASOCIADOS provides comprehensive corporate advice to its clients, including on the different foreign investment regulatory frameworks.

Our teamwork is based on an innovative and multidisciplinary method which fosters creativity and includes interaction of law with economics and finance.

Associates / Advisors

When business so requires, LIENDO & ASOCIADOS resorts to an interdisciplinary network of professionals and advisors located both within and without Argentina. Because of the high specificity of certain matters, we often work as a team with in-house professionals of companies or of other law firms, and also interact with accountants, actuaries, economists, architects, engineers, land surveyors and other professionsals.

Our history

LIENDO & ASOCIADOS began doing business under such name in 2013. Its predecessors were Liendo, Castiñeyras y Del Bono, between 1981 and 1991, and Liendo & Castiñeyras, between 1996 y 2012.

In addition to their freelance practice of law, our partners have worked at different times as in-house lawyers, or held management offices at large business groups engaged in the construction and concession-holding of public works; mining; transportation; forestry; air vessels sales; ski centers concession holdings; foreign trade of products of the “Pampa Húmeda” region and regional economic sectors; industry; and service and banking industry; and since the very beginning of their practice, they have developed a significant versatily to meet the complex issues of business management in Argentina and bordering countries, which has been supplemented by the experience they have acquired by holding public offices of great responsibility in the design and implementation of public policies.

Our clients

LIENDO & ASOCIADOS' partners have assisted from private sector’s companies and individuals to national, provincial, municipal and other public sector entities, agencies and companies, as well as foreign and international states and agencies.

These are some of our clients who have trusted in LIENDO & ASOCIADOS.

Practices Areas

Practices Areas

Constitutional and Administrative Law

  • Administrative proceedings
  • Administrative contracts
  • Industrial and Economic Production
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Defense of Competition, Dumping, Fair Trade and Consumers’ Rights
  • Electric Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Communications and IT
  • Government

    Requests, defenses, appeals, previous administrative claims and private initiatives, including special proceedings

    Public works; concession of public works and services; public and private and national and international calls for bids, as well as direct contracting; review and draft of terms of reference for bids and contracts; draft of bids, objections and counter-objections received; rescheduling of prices and rates; extension, reduction or changes of works and projects; termination; redemption; express and implied expropriation and nationalization.

    Sectorial, regional, national, provincial, municipal, industrial, forestry, mining, tourism and agriculture and livestock regulatory frameworks.

    Advice, explaining answers, response to requests or defenses against charges filed by the Argentine Central Bank, the Financial Information Unit, the Argentine Securities Commission, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange the Fair Trade Bureau, the Defense of Competition Commission or other agencies; filing of appeals and requests of precautionary measures with courts.

    Advice and representation before administrative agencies and courts.

    Electric generation: Advice in the development and management of new thermal, hydroelectrical and coal generation projects as well as their respective regulatory frameworks and related complex issues. Advice in private-owned or state and private-owned projects, such as the FONINVEMEM (Trust fund for the necessary investment to increase the electric energy offer in the wholesale electricity market). Assistance during the stage of association with participants and investors. Import and export: Advice in the administration and management of electric energy import and export. Transportation and distribution: Advice in management of national and provincial energy distribution networks; rates negotiation; transfer of services to provinces; contractual risk assessment; answers to complaints and appeals against fines imposed by the regulatory or granting agency. Advice in the sale of generation, distribution and transportation companies.

    Exploration and exploitation: Advice in and negotiation of contracts. Association agreements under Argentine law. Joint ventures, joint operating agreements, public and/or private bids to obtain national or provincial permits and concessions. Negotiations with public entities and private or public companies of the upstream sector. Advice in the management of contracts, permits and concessions, as well as their extensions and re-negotiations; contract optimization; dispute resolution and regulatory issues regarding surface owner and indigenous communities; negotiations, mediations, and related judicial disputes; representation before regulatory authorities; public hearings, business chambers, boards of directors, and operating committees, providing legal and institutional assistance. Liquid Petroleum Gas and gas: Regulatory Framework. Transportation and distribution: industrial consumers, relationship with service providers, regulatory and contractual issues. Fuels: regulatory framework issues; refineries, producers, distributors; issues related to public safety and environment in relation to federal, provincial and municipal authorities.

    Comprehensive advice to service or equipment providers, both in their relationship with the Communications Secretariat, the Federal Authority for Audiovisual Communications Services (AFSCA), the National Communications Board (CNC), the Defense of Competition Board, as well as other companies in the sector. Management of service provision and sharing of infrastructure agreements. Management of Telecommunications and Radio Broadcasting Licenses; registration of mail services and permits for the use of the radioelectric space and satellite facilities. Compliance with the Argentine Media Act.

    Consultancy services to national, provincial and municipal governments as well as other Argentine and foreign public agencies and entities. Drafts of legal documents, assistance in legislative processes. a. Public debt. b. Reform of the State. c. Resolution of disputes: between administrative agencies and between jurisdictions. d. Privatization: of companies, state-owned banks, binational entities; incorporation of private capital; divestiture processes; drafting of terms of reference, bidding processes, data room; creation and liquidation of residual entities. e. Public trusts: creation and advice.

Practices Areas

Bankink and Financial Law

  • Relationship with the Argentine Central Bank
  • Business issues
  • Projects financing
  • Investment projects
  • Capital markets

    a. Financial and foreign exchange entities: creation, acquisition and merger. b. Branches: opening, acquisition and closing. c. Inspections: assistance during regular or specific inspections. d. Regularization and rationalization plans: assistance in their design, management and fulfillment. e. Suspension of financial and foreign exchange entities activities. f. Restructuring of financial entities: split of assets and liabilities, receivership and liquidation of financial institutions; assistance to the State Deposit Insurance Company (SEDESA) and the trust funds of the public sector; negotiations with public sector agencies.

    a. Financial and non-financial trusts: creation and operation. b. Debt instruments: design and structuring. c. Bank consortia. d. Portfolio recovery. e. Complex negotiations.

    Advice in project financing through banks, the capital market, private investors and a combination of different sources.

    Infrastructure works, especially related to roads and transportation, regulatory framework of the Infrastructure Federal Plan at the different stages of construction, operation and transfer to the public sector.

    a. Advice: to government and private issuers and holders of bonds, stock, corporate bonds, certificates of participation in trust funds, listed or not unlisted in national or international self-regulated capital markets, in primary issues and their restructurations. Drafting of legal opinions, contracts, bylaws, offering memoranda, and other necessary documents. Audit reports and notes to financial statements. b. Public Debt: Advice in hold outs, Club de Paris, Ciadi issues, debt exchanges, litigation within and without Argentine and their legal and economic effects.

Practices Areas

Foreign Exchange Offenses Regulatory Framework

  • Foreign exchange control
  • Foreign exchange offenses

    Advice in foreign exchange regulations; transfer to and from foreign countries; Argentine Central Bank’s authorization; answers to requests to financial entities from the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic or the Financial Information Unit (UIF).

    Answers and defenses in administrative proceedings governed by the Foreign Exchange Crimes regulatory framework in administrative and judicial instances.

Practices Areas

Real State Developments

  • Structuring
  • Permits and licenses
  • Management

    Urban and semi-urban real state developments; creation of new urban centers; country clubs; gated communities or sui generis structures; financial or non-financial trusts, listed, unlisted or not fully-listed.

    Advice to obtain provincial and municipal permits and licenses, as well as permits and licenses from the different agencies, self-governing entities, utilities providers, real propery registrars, etc.

    Advice to any of the parties: Grantors, Trustees or Beneficial Owners and to existing Trusts, in the management and administration of their respective contracts; relationship with providers, beneficiaries, municipal or provincial public authorities, and utilities companies.

Practices Areas

Civil and Commercial Law

  • Civil Associations and Foundations
  • Contracts
  • Divorces
  • Successions
  • Property Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Trademarks and patents
  • Meeting of creditors and Bankruptcy
  • Foreign Trade
  • Individuals

    Organization, registration, drafting and amendment of bylaws.

    Legal analysis of feasibility of businesses proposed; drafting of national and international contracts.

    Visitation agreements, alimony agreements and separation of assets.

    Testate and intestate succession, private partition of estates, and other proceedings and negotiations in family issues.

    Real and personal property; fiduciary transfers; adverse possession; usufructs; easements; mortgages; chattel mortgages; antichresis, and collateral trusts.

    Creation of business partnerships; business associations, joint ventures, and other corporate collaboration schemes; capital increase and reduction; minutes of Board of Directors' and Stockholders' meetings. a. Acquisition and sale of companies: Stock purchase and sale agreements; organization of escrow accounts; indemnities; confidentiality agreements; non-competition agreements; pledge or usufruct of stock and other forms of security interests. Management and co-management agreements. b. Restructuring: Mergers, split-ups and conversions; ongoing concern transfer; change of domicile of foreign companies. c. Corporate conflicts: Minority and majority stockholders; negotiation; litigation under judicial or arbitration proceedings.

    Advice; proceedings before the INPI (Argentine Federal Industrial Property Bureau), legal actions for trademark use discontinuance and precautionary measures.

    Proofs of claims; motions for review; application for reorganization proceedings; applications for bankruptcy and answers; lawsuits for extension of bankruptcy to unlimited responsibility partners, both as counselors of plaintiffs and defendants, lawsuits for liability and, generally, legal proceedings governed by bankruptcy law.

    Advice on, and drafting of, Foreign Trade Agreements such as FCA, FOB CANDF (Cost and Freight); follow-up and performance. a. International Land Transportation Agreements: Advice and drafting of Land Transportation Agreements; follow-up and performance. b. Maquila Agreements: Advice and drafting of maquila agreements governed by Argentine Act 25.113 and agreements related to the product obtained. c. Export agreements: Advice on Export Agreements for agricultural products and/or products derived from the agricultural industry which are subject to the requirements of the FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations) and the GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association).

    Advice, representation and legal counseling of natural persons and families in personal or equity issues demanding the highest degree of secret and confidentiality, including legal advice in succession and succession planning issues, domestic and international market investments, and assistance in complex issues related to public debt within and without Argentina.

Practices Areas

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Conflicts with the administration
  • Economic offenses
  • Civil and Commercial issues
  • Aritration
  • Exequatur
  • Argentine Supreme Court

    Complaints, answers, direct appeals, and precautionary measures. Proceedings before the Federal Tax Court, interacting with the client's tax and accounting advice.

    a. Foreign Exchange offenses: answers and defenses of financial and foreign exchange entities, and business partnerships and their officers, in administrative proceedings governed by the Foreign Exchange Offenses Regulatory Framework, before the Argentine Central Bank and the economic offenses courts. b. Tax offenses: answers and defenses before the Argentine Federal Tax Bureau, the Federal Tax Court and courts hearing in economic crimes, interacting with the accounting advice of the client.

    In all the above mentioned matters, LIENDO & ASOCIADOS acts on behalf of its clients and as legal counsel at federal level and also in the country’s hinterland with the cooperation of local lawyers who act before the courts.

    Arbitration agreements, identification of disputed issues, appointment, objection to, and removal of, arbitrators. Arbitration complaints, answers and any other necessary acts through the issue of the arbitration award; motions for nullity, and appeals provided for in the arbitration agreements as well as extraordinary appeals. Enforcement of arbitration awards and exceptions thereto.

    Recognition and enforcement of foreign resolutions before Argentine courts.

    Ordinary appeals, extraordinary appeals, special appeals, even if LIENDO & ASOCIADOS has not taken part as counselor in the proceedings.

Practices Areas

Sport Law

  • Litigation

    Our legal performance is carried out before ordinary courts and before the different arbitration and dispute resolution bodies and courts, in particular, FIFA and the Court for Arbitration of Sport (TAS-CAS).



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